Antonella Passani


Antonella Passani holds a first class degree (Laurea 110/110 cum laude) in Sociology, with a Minor in Cultural Anthropology, and a PhD degree in Social Science from the Department of Sociology and Communications, both from the University of Rome La Sapienza. Dr Passani has developed two parallel career tracks: one more oriented towards academia, with a focus on social anthropology, and the other more oriented towards private-sector research and innovation, with a focus on the socio-economic dimensions of ICT. In the first track, she has been a Teaching Assistant for Cultural Anthropology and Intercultural Communications courses in her department at La Sapienza (2002-2009), she is currently engaged in the EU project NISO – “Fighting homophobia through active citizenship and media education”, and has participated in several national projects on youth culture, social exclusion, and intercultural communications. In the second track she has worked on EU projects in the area of ICT for the last 9 years, contributing to or leading all stages of the research process (from research design definition to the elaboration of policy recommendations and the dissemination of results). Both tracks are represented in her work in T6, where she is currently working as the Coordinator of the Socio-Economic Research Unit. She is an expert in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and is interested and experiences in facilitation techniques. Before T6, she spent 5 years at the Censis Foundation, one of the leading socio-economic research institutes in Italy. She worked in the Communication Unit first, and then joined the Innovative Process Unit. She has performed both theoretical and field research on the impact of ICT on social capital, collaboration, democratic participation, and group dynamics. In both tracks, she has published several articles for Italian journals and international conference proceedings, and has co-authored a book (in Italian) on intercultural communications. Dr Passani is fluent in English, Spanish and can speak Thai.



  • 2007 “The Territorial Prospective of Digital Ecosystem” in Nachira&Others Digital Business Ecosystem, EU – Information Society and Media, Bruxelles
  • 2007 con Kurtz, T. e Heistracher, T.J “Social Network Simulation and Self-Organisation” in Nachira&Others Digital Business Ecosystem, EU – Information Society and Media, Bruxelles
  • 2007 “Mediare le identità. La media education come mezzo per l’educazione interculturale” in Ongini, V.  “Se la scuola incontra il mondo”, Firenze, Idest
  • 2009 “Cooperare in Europa. I risultati dei Programmi Interreg in Italia” Ministero delle infrastrutture. Capitoli “Innovazione. La società dell’informazione come occasione di partecipazione per imprese e cittadini” e “Società. Valorizzare le differenze per combattere le discriminazioni”
  • 2010 “Globalizzazione, comunicazione interculturale e autorappresentazione”. In « Oltre la scrittura etnografica» a cura di Forero Angel, A. e Simeone, L., Roma, Armando Editore
  • 2010 “Digital Ecosystems Adoption at Local Level: A preliminary Analysis” con Botto, F. e Yedugundla V.K. in Colugnati e altri, Digital Ecosystems. Third International Conference, Revised and selected Papers, New York, Springer. – 2010 con Carla Scaramella “Sguardi Diversi. Riflessioni e materiali per l’educazione interculturale” Giulio Perrone Editore, Roma

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