Recently, the T6 Ecosystem team had the pleasure of participating in the project meeting for LOCALISED in the vibrant city of Barcelona. This meeting provided an excellent opportunity for collaboration and sharing of ideas among project members. Here’s a glimpse into our experience and contributions during these productive days.

The meeting began with an overview of project management activities, setting the tone for the days ahead. Led by our project coordinator and supported by team members Katja Firus and Ilaria Lener, we delved into discussions on various aspects, such as project implementation strategies and financial issues.

Throughout the meeting, the T6 Ecosystem team actively contributed to several key sections, enriching discussions with our expertise. In particular, we shared valuable insights on the impact of LOCALISED on local communities, policy-makers, businesses and researchers, on the communication, dissemination, and networking activities to promote the project results more prominently, and on the exploitation domains. Our diverse perspectives and experiences added depth to the conversations, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at achieving project goals effectively.

Andrea Ancona organised an interactive session with all partners to facilitate a joint discussion on the impact of the project on the different categories and stakeholders (i.e. researchers, policy makers and local authorities, citizens, businesses and enterprises) and to come up with new actions to plan for the next future. Sara Dorato and Katja Firus presented the new communication materials and tools available to all partners and proposed some actions to improve the LOCALISED social media outreach. In view of the future release of the tools, a planned communication plan around them was also presented. The presentation also highlighted the importance of networking activities with other projects and participation in European events to present the LOCALISED results and tools, as well as a replication and up-scaling strategy at r

However, participating in the LOCALISED project meeting was not just about sharing knowledge; it was also about interacting with other project members and providing invaluable networking opportunities, paving the way for potential synergies and future partnerships. In addition to the collaborative sessions, we engaged in enriching social activities, including an evening cooking class and a visit to the Barcelona City Council. These experiences not only fostered stronger bonds among team members, but also provided a relaxed setting for informal discussions and relationship building.

We look forward to building on this momentum as we work towards our goals, driven by a shared vision of promoting the positive impact of the LOCALISED project.

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