T6 contributed to the publication of eight Smart Control of Air Pollution – Policy Briefs, a series summarising the key outcomes of the iSCAPE project with a clear policy orientation, to provide practical information to EU local decision-makers and other urban stakeholders. They cover the following topics:
No. 1 Living Labs for air pollution control and prevention
No. 2 iSCAPE manifesto for citizen engagement in science and policy
No. 3 Effectiveness of travel behavioural change interventions
No. 4 Simulating change in urban air quality and climate conditions
No. 5 Urban strategies and interventions for planning healthier cities
No. 6 Improving air quality and climate with green infrastructure
No. 7 Air quality sensing and real time reporting in cities
No. 8 Introducing infrastructural passive control systems in cities
No. 9 Citizen Science: a collaborative approach to air pollution control

The briefs can be downloaded here.