NEM Summit 2020 – Dublin, Ireland – 18-20 May 2020.

The 12th edition of the NEM Summit “B’Smart – European Media Science and Technology Meets Arts” will be organized in Dublin, Ireland, on 18-20 May 2020.

T6 is supporting the organization of the NEM ART Prize. Art contributions at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS is Europe’s answer to a growing need for social and ecological innovation rooted in digital innovation. Through the NEM Art Prize we encourage collaborations between science, media technology, creative sectors and artists as a means to foster the development of human oriented technologies. The focus of the NEM Art Prize should be on the foreseen digital transformation of value for the creative and media industries towards the future of media. Future media requires increased emphasis on the human aspects of technology towards a better understanding of human needs and in order to develop technology more gracefully in future societies.

The finalists of the NEM Art Prize will be able to show their intervention at the NEM summit 2020 and will be judged by the Jury. The winner will be announced at the NEM Summit 2020 and will receive a prize of 3000 € to be shared by awarded candidates. The selected pieces (together with details about their authors) will be given a strong visibility on the NEM Initiative website for the next year.

Deadline for providing the contributions is on 3 February 2020. To submit your contribution please follow this link.