In an age of rapid and widespread information flow, the integrity of what we consume as truth is constantly under threat, and disinformation poses a serious challenge to the democratic fabric of Europe. To address this pressing issue, T6 has published a comprehensive policy brief as part of the LATIF project, a pioneering initiative funded by the European Media and Information Fund. 

Our policy brief “Defending European Democracy – Main Threats And Measures To Countering Disinformation” provides an in-depth review of the current state of disinformation threats and the policy measures in place to counteract them. In particular, we examine how disinformation influences voters’ decisions, reduces trust in the electoral system and distorts the democratic process. By examining recent EU elections, we identify significant patterns in disinformation, such as the use of social media to spread false narratives and the targeting of specific voter groups with misleading information. 

Taking into account the potential of innovative and advanced technologies to effectively combat disinformation, our policy brief aims to provide a first set of recommendations for future action. These recommendations are intended to help improve existing measures and to develop new strategies for the protection of the integrity of elections.

Through projects such as LATIF, T6 Ecosystems is committed to foster discussion on the need to develop innovative solutions in the fight against disinformation, defending the core values that are at the heart of our society – truth, trust and democracy.

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