As part of the CircEUlar project, the T6 research team recently organised a successful stakeholder workshop exploring circular strategies for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. The event, held on March 14th 2024, was organised in partnership with EU Horizon sister project PRISMA (Net-Zero Pathway Research Through Integrated Assessment Model Advancements). 

The workshop brought together experts and decision-makers from industry, policy, and civil society for a day of collaborative working and knowledge sharing. The workshop adopted a dynamic format, featuring informative plenary sessions followed by focused breakout group discussions.

The plenary session kicked off with insightful presentations from research partners, setting the stage for deep dives into specific areas such as: digitalization as a driving force for both circular economy and net-zero strategies; how social and material practices in mobility can contribute to a more circular lifestyle; and  the significant impact of data and modelling for circularity in buildings and household services.

Following the presentations, a networking lunch fostered further dialogue and discussion amongst participants. 

The afternoon saw attendees divided into three breakout groups, each focusing on a specific theme: digitalization, mobility, and buildings. Within these groups, participants actively explored potential narratives for a future net-zero Europe. Through these discussions, they were able to identify key actions, challenges, and opportunities associated with various approaches to circular economy.

This successful stakeholder workshop wasn’t just a one-off event. It has fostered a collaborative spirit and a genuine interest to collaborate for shaping scientifically robust visions for a net-zero Europe. The open and fruitful exchange between researchers and stakeholders showed once more how important it is to foster interdisciplinary and intersectoral dialogue, especially when addressing complex topics such as Transition. This event was a booster for our commitment to foster such a dialogue! ” says Antonella Passani, Partner and Head of research in T6. 

The stakeholder workshop proved to be a valuable platform for the exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices, and fostering collaboration across sectors and disciplines. This collaborative environment generated a wealth of new contextual insights that will be a significant asset to the research efforts of both the CircEUlar and PRISMA projects.

It was inspiring to see how policy makers, researchers, modellers, civil society representatives and industry leaders rolled-up their sleeves, engaged, reflected, debated and discussed the practicalities of the key circular actions and strategies proposed. The enthusiasm was palpable and the interest genuine, resulting in collaboratively-generated, beneficial insights that can improve the research framework” stated Sara Giorgi, Senior Researcher at T6.

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