In today’s interconnected world, democracies face a common problem that exacerbates the challenges of our civil coexistence. It is a problem we are all familiar with, and it goes by a familiar name: fake news. But how do these falsehoods come about? Who creates them, for what purpose, and how do they go viral? In the latest episodes of the Digital World series, entitled “Europa e Italia vs. Fake News. Le buone pratiche”, Andrea Nicolai, President of T6, was interviewed to shed light on this critical issue and present the IDMO project within which T6 Ecosystems is involved.

The Italian Digital Media Observatory (IDMO) – a European project funded by the H2020 Framework Programme – is a key example of good practice in the fight against disinformation. In particular, thanks to the specificity of combining research, communication and policy design in a single observatory, IDMO is a training example for all other realities operating in the sector. Indeed, by monitoring information flows and using artificial intelligence (AI) tools to identify the main audiences for this disinformation, as well as the mechanisms by which it is disseminated and the ways in which it can be prevented and countered, IDMO contributes to the implementation of the activities promoted by the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) in the fight against disinformation and fake news at European level.

As part of the IDMO consortium, T6 Ecosystems is defining a methodology for the assessment of the impact of disinformation on people and is coordinating the policy dialogue to promote the debate on disinformation with Italian policy makers.

All the Episodes are available on demand on RaiPlay.

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