On the 29th and 30th of May, our team gathered in Rome for our Team Days. These two memorable days were filled with engaging activities, meaningful discussions and plenty of opportunities to strengthen our bonds as a team.

Building relationships and measuring success

We kicked off the event with a series of team-building exercises designed to break the ice and encourage collaboration between team members. Through creative and interactive games, we learned more about each other and how to work together effectively. There was no shortage of laughter during these activities which added to the positive atmosphere of the event. 

We then moved on to the Projects Speed Dating session. This exercise allowed us to quickly exchange updates and insights on our respective projects and stay informed and aligned on what is happening in T6. We also delved into creating project maps and an overall GANTT to better visualise our projects’ timelines, key milestones and tasks. By mapping our plans, we gained a clearer understanding of our collective goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

Reflecting and Strategising

The second day started with a fun photo session where we tried to create a family portrait for our communication channels. We also conducted some interviews for the same purpose. This activity gave us the opportunity to document and share personal insights and stories related to our experiences at T6

We then addressed some key issues in our communication and management strategy. Through open discussions and brainstorming sessions, we identified areas for improvement and developed actions to improve our operations and achieve success

A Professional and Personal Growth

No team event is complete without sharing social moments together. Indeed, we enjoyed lunches, walks and dinners together, reinforcing the strong sense of togetherness within our team. 

Overall, our Team Days in Rome were a resounding success, providing us with the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally: we now have a renewed sense of purpose, stronger relationships and a clear roadmap for our projects. 

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