The European Horizon project “Sustainable Development Goals – Enhanced monitoring through the family of CopErnicus Services (SDGs-EYES)” has been launched at the beginning of January 2023 with the aim of boosting the European capacity for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based on Copernicus, building a portfolio of decision-making tools to monitor those SDG indicators related to the environment from an inter-sectoral perspective, aligning with the EU Green Deal priorities and challenges. By combining the science-informed (top-down) approach with a stakeholder-driven (bottom-up) approach, the SDGs-EYES project will focus on three interconnected SDGs – climate (SDG13), ocean (SDG14) and land (SDG15) – to showcase through five Pilots the Copernicus potential for monitoring six indicators making part of the EU and national assessments

The project sees the participation of nine partners – Research centers, international organisations public istitutions, businesses – from six European countries. T6 Ecosystems is part of the consortium and will be in charge of planning strategic communication, dissemination, networking, and exploitation activities for reaching different groups, such as scientists, policy makers, international and national institutions, businesses, and citizens, to facilitate the spreading of knowledge and foster the uptake of project results. Indeed, T6 will play a crucial role to provide clear principles and guidelines regarding disclosure of results and data with commercial potential, ownership of research results, identification and protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

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