Scientific Communication

Visibility and communication are key for the uptake and exploitation of project results!

Who is your target audience? Which are the appropriate channels to reach them? How do you balance academic communication and dissemination to the general public?

With many years of experience in managing and assessing European research projects, T6 has developed the necessary expertise to manage the complexity of projects that often bring together scientists, policy makers, businesses, citizens, producing a mix of research results and on-the-field activities.

In particular, T6 can provide:

  • An analysis of the project target audiences, identifying the specific dissemination aim for each;
  • An overview of the most relevant communication and dissemination channels available, including offline materials and online communication activities;
  • A dissemination strategy combining targets and channels, developed according to project priorities over time;
  • The project key messages, key words, its distinctive identity brand and an engaging graphic design;
  • An effective website to present activities and results at best;
  • If required by the project, interactive platforms, developed in a co-design process, connecting a dedicated community;
  • Support to partners’ press offices and valorisation of the project media activities;
  • Coordination of national and international events related to the dissemination of the project activities and results.

The progress of the dissemination strategy will be monitored according to Key Performance Indicators defined in agreement with the relevant stakeholders at the beginning of the project.