NISO – Fighting homophobia through active citizenship and media education

NISO is a project co-funded by the European Programme Fundamental Rights and Citizenships (DG Justice).

Key words:

fight against homophobia, sexual orientation, identity, citizenships, peer-education, participative training, yout


The NISO project aims at promoting a wider knowledge and understanding of human rights among young people, in particular in terms of non discrimination rights of sexual orientation. NISO is involving 240 high school students (60 in each involved country) in a research-action process based on participative learning methods. The project is coordinated by the Province of Rome. Other partners are: T6, GayCenter (Italy), GALE (Netherlands), Cavaria (Belgium) and Seku (Estonia), all associations active in the promotion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) persons’ rights. The project is centered on a game called “Voice Out”: in each participating school students will be asked to organize two “parties” with the objective of developing concrete anti-discrimination policies. Each school is involved in a guided simulation of a political campaign from its launch to the elections. A team of psychologists, educators and media educators are supporting the students, offering them the necessary tools and competences to orientate themselves within this important topic. Those students deciding to found the parties will become trainers of their schoolmates on non-discrimination and equal opportunity issues. Within the political campaigns the “parties” will develop spots and multimedia material aiming at spreading their proposals and their vision in regard to anti-discrimination policies. T6 is responsible for the research activities that aim at identifying the most common stereotypes and prejudices among young people in the participating countries. T6 developed a questionnaire that has been distributed to 500 students and 250 persons belonging to the LGBT community in each partner country. Beside this, T6 coordinated the background analysis on the rights and social inclusion of LGBT persons at European level. It is also actively involved in the training activities of the Roman schools and in the development of the didactical tools of Voice Out!