Linking civil protection and planning by agreement on objectives

Grant Agreement reference n°: 070401/2008/507855/SUB/A3

The INCA project was co-financed by the Civil Protection Financial Instrument of the European Community.

Key words:

Project Management, Dissemination, stakeholder involvement, Risk governance research


The INCA project aimed at bridging spatial, functional and operational gaps and divergence in approach, competence and perspective between civil protection, spatial planning and other administrations in charge of prevention by a collaborative process with concrete results to make measures and actions of risk prevention and mitigation efficient, effective, strategically aligned and sustainable. For that purpose the concept of “Agreements on Objectives” on risk prevention and damage mitigation was developed. T6 supported CNR in the co-ordination and management of the whole project. In addition it was involved in the development, test implementation and evaluation of the INCA concept and co-ordinated the Lazio Region case study. T6 was additionally in charge of various dissemination activities (project branding and website in four languages).