“Enhancing resilience of communities and territories facing natural and na-tech hazards”

Grant Agreement 212045

 A Specific Targeted Research Project funded by the European Union as a part of the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

Key Words:

Project Management, Dissemination, Environmental Research, Socio-economic Impact Assessment


The overall objective of ENSURE was to develop a new methodological framework for Integrated Multi-Scale Vulnerability Assessment. The framework is based on a comprehensive, integrated and inter-disciplinary understanding of how mitigation strategies can be improved in the future. The framework will contribute to the reduction of human losses, economic damage and social disruption due to extreme events striking communities exposed to a variety of natural hazards, as well as to the potential consequences of Climate Change. T6 was actively involved in the research on understanding of the articulated nature of the concept of physical, social and systemic vulnerability, the integration and connection of different types of vulnerability, the temporal and spatial variability of the relations between different types of vulnerability and contributed to the Integrated Multi-Scale Vulnerability Approach and its test application at the Italian island of Vulcano. In addition T6 was in charge of project management, dissemination activities (branding, information material and final booklet and CD ROM) as well as the evaluation of the socio-economic impact of research activities.

Link: www.ensureproject.eu/