Digital Ecosystems Network of regions for DissEmination and Knowledge deployment

DEN4DEK was a Thematic Network, financed by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme ICT Policy Support Programme of the European Commission.

Key words:

Socio-economic research, dissemination, networking, regional deployment


Digital Ecosystems are emerging as a novel approach for the catalysis of sustainable regional development driven by SMEs. The aim of the DEN4DEK thematic network was to share experience and disseminate all the necessary knowledge that allow regions to plan an effective deployment of the Digital Ecosystems (DE) at all levels (economic, social, technical and political) in order to produce real impacts in the economic activities of European regions through the improvement of SMEs business environments. The main claim that DEN4DEK made was that in order to ensure the wider uptake and best use of ICT in businesses through the digital ecosystems (DE) approach it would be necessary that the regions that had already a thorough knowledge and experience in the deployment of the DE work closely with the regions that were starting to integrate this concept into their innovation strategies. Along the knowledge-sharing strategy, partners were supported by regions which had already introduced the DE approach at the local level. It followed that DEN4DEK was the first step in a self-reinforcing community building process that has culminated at the end of the project with a community of knowledge, inclusive of all regional stakeholders, which will be able to build regional partnerships and business ecosystems fostering regional innovation. The project integrated the available research outputs from the DBE Integrated Project, and adapted and clarified the potential knowledge gaps with the rest of the regions and users. T6 role in the project was, on one hand, the transfer of acquired knowledge in the filed of Digital Ecosystems, on the other hand, to support the Lazio Region in the application of its own local plan for development in the field.