ARMONIA project

The ARMONIA (Applied multi Risk Mapping of Natural Hazards for Impact Assessment) was a research project funded by the European Community under the Sixth EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. A new approach to producing integrated multi- risk maps to achieve more effective spatial planning procedures in areas prone to natural disasters in Europe was developed. 12 partners, among them universities, research centres, public bodies and SMEs participated in the project. Main outputs of the project are:

  • D.1.1: Report on the European scenario of technological and scientific standards reached in spatial planning versus natural risk management
  • D.1.2: Report on results of the Scientific Colloquium on spatial planning versus natural risk management
  • D.1.3: Report on the definition of possible common procedures and methodologies of spatial planning for natural hazards, to inform the development of a new spatial planning standard for the EU
  • D.2.1: Report on current availability and methodology for natural risk map production
  • D.3.1: ARMONIA methodology for multi-risk assessment and the harmonisation of different natural risk map
  • D.3.2: Integrated natural risk legend and standard for harmonised risk maps for land use planning and management
  • D.4.1: Report: Technical Glossary of a Multi Hazard Related Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Language – Final version
  • D.5.1: Harmonised hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment methods informing
  • mitigation strategies addressing land-use planning and management
  • D.5.2: Report: Functional and technical architectural design of a decision support system for risk informed spatial planning
  • D.5.3: Report: Implementation of a case study simulation
  • Leaflet ARMONIA
  • Report ARMONIA conference in Barcelona
  • Report ARMONIA conference in Milan

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