T6 Ecosystems is proud to announce the launch of Aletheia, the Centre of Excellence on disinformation. The Centre follows the European initiative called SOMA and has been created thanks to the fruitful collaboration between T6 Ecosystems and Luiss Data Lab.

Aletheia, under the direction of Gianni Riotta, has been created to foster the need of a multidisciplinary, objective and in-depth research on the distortions of the information system as well as on the related impacts that generate distrust in political and scientific institutions, drastically influencing decisions and habits of citizens.

The opening ceremony will be held on September 9th at 16.30 in, Viale Romania 32, Luiss University.

The event will be attended by social scientists, data scientists, fact-checkers, journalists and thematic experts who will discuss issues related to disinformation.

If you are interested to attend, register here.