On September 9th, 2019, Luiss Data lab and T6 Ecosystems launched Aletheia, Centre of Excellence to fight disinformation. Aim of Aletheia is to push the research and the discussion on online disinformation in Italy facing with vertical topics, such as health and climate. To do this, Aletheia will count on the collaboration of major Italian experts on key topics, such as Walter Ricciardi, Franca D’Agostini, Massimo Bernaschi and Livia De Giovanni.

The opening ceremony has seen the participation of Dr. Roberto Viola, Director General for DG CNECT, Prof. Paola Severino and Giovanni Lo Storto, LUISS Director General.

Gianni Riotta, Director of Luiss Data Lab, then moderated a round table with experts on disinformation and scientists. Among the others, Federica Angeli, journalist, Prof. Massimo Bernaschi, Giovanni Zagni, Prof. Giovanni Orsina. Simona De Rosa and Andrea Nicolai, T6 Ecosystems, represented the SOMA consortium in introducing the project to the audience and stressing the important of correct methods to assess the impact of disinformation on citizens. Prof. Guido Caldarelli ended the conference with a scientific talk on News and complex networks.

Aletheia follows a similar action recently launched by Aarhus University, who opened the centre of excellence Remid. Both actions are, in fact, connected to the H2020 European project: SOMA. The aim is to establish national centres connected to the European initiative in order to align activities and implement actions.

T6 is honored to be among the founders of Aletheia in this crucial battle against disinformation to protect European democracy and values.

If you miss the event, here the link to the registration: https://www.facebook.com/uni.luiss/videos/2467231736847525/