Extreme climate events, natural hazards and resilient communities

In urban and rural areas worldwide, short- and long-term innovative strategies by communities and institutions are becoming increasingly relevant to respond to extreme climate events and natural hazards that threaten the human life and stability of the environment and economy.

To strengthen the resilience of local communities, research by T6 provides communities with data, methods, and tools supporting them in using their creativity and innovative capacities to assess the most pressing everyday issues and select appropriate response measures. In particularly, T6 has recently been focusing on developing innovative methods and tools to identify and quantify the expected changes into local communities of selected urban and rural case studies across Europe due to extreme climate events, natural hazards, and associated factors such as air pollution, environmental degradation and waste mismanagement. With this is mind, T6 identifies a wide range of factors, including environmental risks, human health, local economies, cross-community links and cultural and behavioural patterns impacting on resilience and sustainability of communities. To do this, T6 employs innovative stakeholders’ engagement strategies that ensure the development of multi-actor, participatory and co-creation approaches and solutions.



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