Katja Firus


Mrs. Katja Firus, nationality: German, economist, is a partner of T6 and the manager of the environment department. She is an experienced and specifically trained project manager for European and international projects, especially in the field of natural risk (e.g. for cultural heritage, in spatial planning etc), risk governance and the territorial impact of climate change. In this framework she has been co-ordinating / managed several European research projects (ENSURE, INCA, IMRA, MIDIR, SCENARIO, ARMONIA). She has specific knowledge in monitoring and evaluating environmental projects, inside and outside Europe. Since 2005 she has been using a value-based approach as basis for project planning, monitoring and evaluation. She has been an evaluator for various European programmes (LIFE, Marie-Curie) and is a consultant and trainer for proposal writing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Ms. Firus is a LEAD fellow with specific qualification in working with intercultural teams and the co-ordination and facilitation of international project teams. From 1994 – 2000 she was the projects manager at the International Network for Environmental Management (INEM), implementing projects to improve the environmental performance of small and medium-sized companies.

Selected publications:

Firus, K., Fleischhauer, M., Greiving, S., Stickler, T., D’Andrea, A., Ferranti, C., Flex, F., Kobotschnig, G., Fangucci, G., Scheibel, M., Ebers, M., Sereinig, N., Malvati, P., Grifoni, P., Bagnini, S., Guzzo, T., Vitale, V. & Wanczura, S. (2011). IMRA – Integrative flood risk governance approach for improvement of risk awareness and increased public participation. (2nd ERA-NET CRUE Research Funding Initiative – Final Report). Firus, K., Fleischhauer, M., Greiving, S., Grifoni, P. and Stickler, T. (2011). Planning and implementing communication and public participation processes in flood risk management. Procedural guidelines and toolbox of methods. Rome and Dortmund. Greiving, S.; Pratzler-Wanczura, S.; Sapountzaki, K.; Ferri, F.; Grifoni, P.; Firus, K.; Xanthopoulos, G. (2011): Linking the actors and policies throughout the disaster management cycle by “Agreement on Objectives”, A new output-oriented management approach. “Natural Hazards” (under evaluation).

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