Fabrizio Fassio, co-founder and long-term president of T6, is a statistical demographer and expert of anthropology. He has worked for 25 years at IBM-Italy and IBM-SouthEuropeMiddleEastAfrica as a systems engineer, business advisor, sales responsible for south-central Italy and operations manager for Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East in the fields of public administration, industry, banking, insurance and training consultancy. In 1992 he moved to the Consorzio Civita, developing and co-ordinating European projects on tourism and cultural heritage. He has organized a network of partners with European research institutes, European cities and regions, and industries for advanced technologies.
From 1999 until 2011 he acted as President of T6. His work in T6 is focusing mainly on the organisational, social, territorial and technological development and innovation on local, regional and national level.
Mr. Fassio was a project evaluator for the European Commission and Member of the Strategic Commission for information technology services of the Lazio Region.
He has written and presented hundreds of technical and organizational reports.

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