Innovation and New Technologies is one of the main business areas of T6 since its establishment in 1999. In this perspective, T6 has been involved in a large number of national and international research projects in the field, aimed at implementing new information and communication technologies. T6 considers technology as a support instrument to satisfy the needs of citizens and companies. This influences the way T6 implements consultancy activities on social information, innovative business information systems, geographical information and geographical systems as well as the preparation design of destination management systems and of knowledge systems. T6 favours the use of Open Sources Software in the view of optimising costs and for a better understanding, improvement and sharing of technologies.


  • ICT projects to reduce the Digital Divide of SMEs and to support a sustainable industrial development.
  • New methodologies for feasibility, investment and impact analysis approaches and software realizations
  • Development of strategic methods and plans for open source software adoption
  • User experience design: concept maps, conceptual models, moodboards, personas, user scenarios, information design, site maps, task analysis, task flows, UX design, wireframes, lo-fi prototypes, design patterns, design components, key graphic layouting.
  • Usability tests: expert and heuristic evaluations, cognitive walkthrough, user testing (task     analysis, thinking aloud, interviews and focus groups, performance measurement).
- Visual analytics (massive data streams collection, analysis and visualization, both through static and dynamic, real-time representations).

Thematic Areas

  •  Open Source
  •  Cloud Computing
  • Business Modelling
  • Socio-economic Impact of new technologies

Target groups:

Public administration, policy makers at local, regional and national level; companies, international organisations, civil society, chambers of commerce, foundations, research institutes, NGOs.