T6 was created with the idea that Project Management is a tool to support the “knowledge society and economy”. New business models and the increasing relevance of the so-called “intangible goods” require new solutions. In this objective, T6 provides “iManagement”, a new approach based on a ten years experience at international level, which assures the development, management and exploitation of complex and creative research processes. “iManagement”, integrates traditional project management methodologies with the field experience of T6, providing unique and flexible solutions adaptable to the a variety of contexts. iManagement focuses not only on project results and objectives to reach, but also on relations, inter-individual and intercultural human processes. That is why T6 offers also facilitation and conflict management services.

“iManagement” services

  • Hereafter are described the main services offered by T6: Fundraising: T6 provides in depth analysis and synthesis of local and global policies, identifying the best opportunities to support the development and funding for your ideas
  • Proposal Writing: we make ideas becoming concrete project actions, eligible for funding and able to assure the achievement of expected goals
  • Coordination: Management of communication processes among researchers and professionals from different cultures and languages trough specific models of governance and advanced technologies for project management
  •  Financial Coordination: Monitoring of financial aspects to assure  the correct use of resources in order to guarantee the respect of a planned budget. “iManagement” supports prevention of financial irregularities
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Implementation of quality/performance indicators for customized solutions, including the application of quantitative and qualitative methodologies
  • Risk Management:  Detection, analysis, monitoring and removal of risks connected to processes, in order to reduce losses and enhance effectiveness
  •  Dissemination e Mainstreaming: Support to knowledge and exploitation of project outputs trough international and national networks. T6 contributes to define ideas which impact political decision making processes and “glocal Governance”
  • Portfolio Management: Coordinated management of “groups” of projects/activities, created for the achievement of different objectives/foci, aimed to support an effective usage of resources
  • Programme Management: technical support in managing complex programmes, both at national and international level.

Target Groups

Innovation, creativity and an intercultural approach are the basis of “iManagement”, an exclusive and flexible methodology applicable to different scenarios. This makes T6 an interesting contact for different target groups, such as: Universities, Research bodies, Public Administrations, Enterprises (even SMEs), NGOs.

Project Management e Training

All services provided within  “iManagement” can be part of training sessions   customized to training needs.

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