Ambiente e cambiamento del clima


T6 applies innovative methodologies and analysing tools for environmental protection and mitigation of the effects of climate change. Our slogan is “Innovation for protection.” The applied methodologies are a result of research carried out at international level. Being at the forefront in their development allows us to make them operational and easy to adapt to concrete measures. T6 is addressing businesses and governments in the environmental sector by providing specialized technical services to the public and private. T6 also supports the development of advanced projects of national and European research. It offers its clients an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach providing a wide spectrum of services and a high standard of competence which is economically competitive.

Services offered by T6

T6 offers solutions to critical issues arising from the interactions between human activities and the environmental in which they develop, focusing on policies and practices that promote environmental sustainability at both local and wider geographical areas. In particular, T6 offers:

  • Consulting, training and organization of innovative approaches aimed at sustainable territorial management through a variety of methods, including: SWOT analysis, development of monitoring indicators, collaborative processes, information, involvement and participation of local stakeholders and citizens
  •  Analysis of socio-economic impact of environmental policies and policies for the mitigation and/or adaptation to climate change
  • Organisation and implementation of case studies and pilot actions at local and regional level
  • External monitoring and evaluation of project: ex-ante, in the phase of implementation and ex-post
  • Strategic environmental impact assessment of plans and programmes
  • Risk analysis in regard to natural hazards and their impacts on a given territory, its population and cultural heritage
  • Protection and management of natural resources
  • Design and implementation of water, air and soil monitoring stations
  • Management of geograhpical referenced data, managed and updated by various Geographic Information Systems (e.g. ARCGIS®, AUTOCAD MAP®, TERRANOVA®) and open source (e.g. Grass, Gvsig)
  • Mapping and innovative visualisation of environmental data to support decision making
  • Feasibilityi studies: identifying practices for reducing energy consumption and energy production through the exploitation of renewable resources
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Application of “Cradle to cradle” approach

Thematic areas

The areas of expertise are related to:Natural hazards

  • Climate change
  • Protection of environmental resources
  • Protection of cultural heritage
  • Territorial governance
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Renawable energy resources
  • Energy efficiency
  • Consideration of environmental aspects in business management and corporate social resonsibility

Target groups:

Public administration, policy makers at local, regional and national level; companies, international organisations, civil society, chambers of commerce, foundations, research institutes, NGOs.

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